Fuel Terminal Storage Valves

AHF has a quite an extensive range of proven terminal storage valves for various fuel types in Australia and overseas, our principals include, AHF, OCV, Optimux/Trimtek, STV, Fluoroseal, Itork and others for bulk fuels, whether it’s for Diesel, Unleaded Fuels, Bio – Fuels, Jet Fuels or Hydrogen storage and terminal applications, we are sure we can assist with valving requirements.

AHF valve products design type’s for various process functions are –

  • High Level Shut-Off Valves
  • Tank Safety Valves
  • Emergency Shutdown Valves
  • Isolation Shutdown Valves
  • Control Valves
  • Hydraulic Diaphragm Operated Control Valves
  • Safety & Pressure Relief Valves
  • Manual Isolation & Check Valves

AHF also assist with other process valves related to interconnected pipelines and tank truck/rail fuel unloading/off-loading gantries, including fire-fighting UL/FM approved valves used in specific areas of your project.

Fuel Storage Valves | OCV Control Valves
Control Valves • Trimteck® Optimux®

Open a PDF file STV Fuelling Valves - Typical GA Drawings .